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Case Management

keeping Health in Fokus from Anamnesis trough Treatment

It all begins with an enquiry for treatment.
Our specialists for anamnesis reviews the medical records and creates a preliminary treatment plan.
Following your approval, our medical expert Prof. Dr. Baumgart starts the procedure of selecting the best suited diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation centres.
Additional treatment or required extensions are managed and coordinated with the patient services team.
All information including the treatment dates and time is aggregated to a comprehensive treatment plan including the cost sheet.

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providing the Best fit Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Prior to an actual treatment our medical experts make sure the diagnosis is complete and there are no further hidden conditions that could complicate the treatment.
They also provide a second opinion in case required.
Treatment providers are partnering Hospitals selected for their ability to provide the infrastructure for the patients condition with our experienced medical professors and doctors.
The therapists from our rehabilitation centre are part of the planning from the onset, making sure the treatment is followed up seamlessly.

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Patient Services

taking Care from the first Contact through all Stages of the Visit

Beyond making sure the patient is given the best therapy, we take care of a score of tasks to enable a smooth experience.
These services include administrative communication with government entities, trustees. Making sure all administration is taken care off, prior, during and after the visit.
Accommodation, commutes as well as translators are provided for by us making the patient journey as trouble-free as possible.

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